Omega 7 concentrated Wild Anchovy Oil
100% naturally derived food supplement.

Start looking after yourself the
Pura 7 way

Pura 7® is the softgel capsule that contains purified Omega-7 from wild anchovy, a great source of ‘good’ fatty acids.

The Omega-7 in Pura 7 comes from wild anchovy oil that has been purified and concentrated so it contains less of the ‘bad’ palmitic acid than regular Omega-7 supplements derived from sea buckthorn.

Pura 7® is the result of painstaking scientific research into the development of a naturally derived pharmaceutical grade Omega-7 mono-unsaturated fatty acid product. Pura 7® is rigorously tested for purity by certified laboratories and produced at a facility that meets relevant standards for good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Start looking after yourself today the Pura 7 way – the capsule with purified Omega-7.



What our customers have said about Pura 7:


“Since I started taking Pura 7, I feel ready to hit the day running. I take a lot of vitamin and other supplements and Pura 7 is one of the very best.” MS – York

“I’ve been taking Pura 7 capsules for a while now and I feel great! A big thank you to the Pura 7 team!” CC – Birmingham

“I discovered Pura 7 when I was looking for an Omega 7 supplement that didn’t contain those ‘bad’ sea buckthorn fats. Since I started taking Pura 7, I’ve been much more careful about what I eat and am doing a lot more exercise — I feel great in myself, so thank you Pura 7!” TL - London

“Just one capsule a day for a great source of purified Omega-7 – that’s why Pura 7 works for me.” MP – Stratford

“Pura 7 is now a big part of my daily routine.” CM – Dumbarton

"We heard about purified Omega-7 when we were in the States so we wanted to try it for ourselves. We’re both very satisfied and we’ve just ordered another six months’ supply." JS - London